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When you’re looking for a space to reclaim your voice – both inside and outside – and sing your heart out loudly and boldly then you’ve come to the right place.

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No matter how you express yourself, whether in a softer or bolder way, you're warmly welcomed at 'You Got This'. I'm excited to get to know you and hear your voice. It's a place to (re-)connect with your unique and powerful voice, both inside and out.

You Got This, Viola Bornmann, Vocal Coach & Personal Coach

This is a space for Vocal Health & Mental Health

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You Got This, Viola Bornmann, Vocal Coach & Personal Coach

I created 'You Got This' because I believe in it: You got this!

I am a Singer, Vocal Coach, and Personal Coach, with over a decade of experience coaching individuals. I write music, participate in theater plays and events as a singer, and lead vocal workshops and teambuilding events for companies. Holding a BA degree in Music, Pedagogy, and Psychology, I am also a certified Estill Master Trainer and Systemic Coach (DVCT & ECA).

As the founder of 'You Got This', I unite my two passions – voice and psychology – to offer a space where individuals can discover, develop, and reclaim their unique voice both inside and outside.

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Are you struggling to maintain a consistent daily vocal practice routine?

The VOCAL DIARY is a guided Diary that I created to help establish a practice routine (that fits into your schedule). Get your Diary for one week for free.

Establish and nurture your practice and celebrate your progress. You got this!

Values at 'You Got This'


The deep connection between voice and emotions can make it difficult for us to express ourselves, especially if we have experienced trauma related to our voice. I'll do my best to create a trusting environment where everyone feels seen and heard.


Joy is at the heart of my coaching. For me, coaching is a joyful process, where negative emotions like fear, frustration, or sadness are not excluded but always invited. Throughout this journey, I accompany you with curiosity and joy, while still acknowledging the depth of the situation.


As human beings, it's normal for us to experience different moods, feelings, and challenges every day. Showing up authentically in the moment and taking it from there can lead to unexpected paths and results that we may not have considered. That's why being authentic is always welcome.


Our shared passion for our voice and for music is what brings us together. It fuels us, motivates us, gives us purpose, and allows us to really get into a flow where we can forget about everything around us and fully immerse ourselves in the present moment.


The feeling of belonging can be crucial, especially when we share our voices with others. That's why establishing a sense of belonging in my coaching sessions and courses is important to me – the feeling of arriving at the right place.

'You Got This' is more than just a coaching service or course; it's a community where individuals with similar interests, passions, challenges, and struggles can connect, learn, and feel empowered and at home together.

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