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Do you have the feeling that...

🔻 You love to sing, but you doubt that your voice is good enough?

🔻 You're not feeling confident talking or singing in front of people?

🔻 Your throat hurts or gets easily tired when you are speaking or singing?

🔻 It's difficult to express feelings, be present, and speak up?

🔻 That you're not using the full potential of your voice?

🔻 Your voice is too high or too low and doesn't reflect your identity?

🔻 Your voice is too loud or not loud enough?

How would it be if...

🙌 You would feel more confident with singing because you know how to control your voice?

🙌 You would be proud of your voice?

🙌 Your throat would feel comfortable when you sing or speak, and you could use your voice with ease?

🙌 You would feel more connected to your body and your voice?

🙌 You could express yourself in your own authentic way?

🙌 People could hear you better?

🙌 You would know how to take care of your voice and how to reach your vocal goals?

How can I help you?

Hi! I'm Viola

I'm a trained singer and composer, vocal coach, certified Estill Master Trainer, and I have been working as a singer and vocal coach for over a decade.

A central part of my coaching is the connection between voice and emotions, and how singing can reveal the way to the inner world. To accompany clients on that path not only with passion but also with know-how, I studied psychology and also work as a systemic coach.

It makes no difference whether you are just starting to sing or are already advanced: the most important thing is that you enjoy music and singing, as well as the good feeling in your body that singing can create. I am convinced that when singing feels free and easy, it also sounds that way.

What is Estill Voice Training?

Estill Voice Training is a functional and science-based vocal training. With Estill you get to know and control the structures of your vocal tract and how to use them to create the sound that you want (belt, opera, twang...). It helps to raise awareness for your voice and to prevent and resolve voice problems. The goal is to use your voice consciously, so you don't need me as a coach anymore.

In class, we will focus on the songs and pieces that you bring and that you want to sing. It's about your wishes and dreams, and I will do my best to guide you in the process.

Let's find out your individual way, so I can help you best to achieve your goals!


Viola makes you feel incredibly comfortable. The joint exercises bring security, fun, but also insight into how singing actually works. Viola says: "Imagine that the sound doesn't go up, but out... and lo and behold, when I imagine it, the sound is the way it's supposed to be 🙂 .

Aileen B.

I can unreservedly recommend Viola's lessons. Not only do you learn along the way in an interesting and above all practical way how your own vocal apparatus works, but also how the whole body is involved. Singing lessons with Viola are fun without exception. I have been taking lessons with Viola for 2 years now and can only say - it is addictive.

Almut B.

Even when I thought "today is not a good day to sing" I always came out of coaching with Viola in a good mood and happy. Viola always picked me and my voice up right where we were and gave both of us a happy day 🙂 .
With her I found my voice.

Caroline B.

Viola is one of the most knowledgeable and amazing vocal teachers I have ever met. In her classes, I developed skills and confidence to start performing on stage. Her positive and warm energy creates the safe space a person needs to grow into a happy and confident singer.

Andrea B.

Your Soul Singing I find invigorating, activating, the whole body feels so alive afterwards, my voice becomes more powerful and at the same time more relaxed ... and it just makes fun ... The hour flies by ... Thanks for this great offer 💛🙏

Kerstin S.

The lessons are incredibly great and are always fun! You learn an incredible amount and always develop further.
Viola is the best singing teacher you can have and responds to all your wishes.

Annalisa L.

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