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VOCAL BLISS workshop

ESTILL workshop

female vocal workshop

sing & drink

VOCAL BLISS workshop

Singing in Lisbon I A Deep Dive into Vocal Technique – Workshop and Open Class

Next VOCAL BLISS Workshop:

About "Make yourself comfortable":

This workshop is for you, if you want to get deeper into voice work. In Vocal Bliss you will:

🎉 Get individual support and feedback for your voice in an open class
🎉 Learn about your vocal muscles and how to use them
🎉 Find out how to train your voice effectively

You will take away from the workshop:
👉 more vocal control
👉 insights on how to train your voice in an effective way
👉 knowledge about voice fundamentals
👉 support in how to present yourself on stage
👉 access to all the singalongs of the songs & exercises that we do
👉 individual support and feedback in an open class (voluntarily)
👉 the good feeling of singing

Like in all of my workshops: We leave the inner critic outside the room. The workshop is a safe space where we grow together and support each other.

The 5 parts of VOCAL BLISS:

This workshop is part of a 5-part workshop series VOCAL BLISS which is held every month. This workshop, "Make yourself comfortable", is focusing on Relaxation tools for your voice. 

Pt. 1: "Grow your vocal roots" (Posture and voice fundamentals)
Pt. 2: "The Magic of breath" (Let your breath support you best)
Pt. 3: "Make yourself comfortable" (Relaxation toolbox for your voice)
Pt. 4: "The role of your tongue" (The importance of your tongue while singing)
Pt. 5: "Enjoy mountains and valleys" (Feel comfortable with higher pitches)

sing & drink

Next SING & DRINK Workshop:

  • January 14th, 7 pm – 9 pm
  • Pop the Wine, Rua do Vale de Santo António 180, 1170-382 Lisboa, Portugal
  • €10 (+ the wine that you drink). You can book your spot here:
  • Pay for the wine directly at the bar


About SING & DRINK, Singing Session with Natural Wine Tasting:


We think singing and drinking match ideally, and we're looking forward to enjoying delicious natural wines, and tuning in with others.

What can you expect?

  • Wine Tasting: Luis will take you into his world of wine, and you can try his great selection of natural wines.
  • Singing Session: Viola will guide you through the singing sessions, where you will warm up your voice, learn a song, and, most importantly, have fun singing with other people.

We're excited to meet you!
Viola & Luis

female vocal workshop

Next Female Vocal Workshops:

About the Female Vocal Workshop:

The Female Vocal Workshop is a safe space for you to sing, express your voice and connect with others. It’s about having fun, enjoying singing, and the good feeling of tuning in with other voices.

In this workshop, you will learn more about the voice, build power and strength in the vocal muscles, sing together, and experiment and improvise with sound in a safe space. You will warm up your body, breath, and voice, learn a song and create your own relaxing sound bath. Since the workshop is about getting in contact, there will be enough time and space get in touch with others.

No vocal experience is needed! Just trust yourself and come and enjoy a beautiful connected time. 

Estill introductory workshop

Next Estill Introductory Workshop:

About the Estill Introductory Workshop:

    In this introductory class, you'll get an overview of Estill Voice Training. You'll learn the different vocal figures from level 1, and you will learn how the figures can be put together to create many voice qualities.

    And of course, we will try all this out ourselves and make lots of sounds.

    Write me a message if you want to get more info about the next Introductory workshop.

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